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Professional Series

Japanese saws are distinguished by the shape of their teeth. The "trapezoidal" tooth configuration (formed like the tip of a Japanese knife) is ideal for cuts across the grain. The "triangular" teeth (shaped like a chisel) are designed for cutting with the grain. There is also a hybrid form with both rip teeth can crosscutting teeth. This saw is good for universal use.

Douzuki Folding Saw 240 mm

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Order Nr. Name Net incl. VAT 20.00% Amount  
J-KSWD240 Douzuki Folding Saw 240 mm
blade 0,3 mm thick
44.90 € 53.88 €
J-KSWED240 Spare Blade Folding Saw Douzuki
240 mm
15.50 € 18.60 €